Our custom made dentures are done in 4 steps:
1.  Impressions to make custom trays.
2.  Final Impressions in your custom trays.
3.  Wax bite & measurement apointment.  Tooth size, shape & color picked.
4.  Try to make teeth meet Patient's approval.

Crown & Bridges:
Dr. Sanderford uses top quality material for every aspect of their crown and bridge work.  The lab we use is the same lab we've used for 14 years.  Dr. Sanderford has been very satisfied with their work.  Crown and bridge appointments are usually two appointments about 1-2 weeks apart.

Dr. Sanderford makes all kinds of prosthetics for implants.  Single crowns, bridges, partial and full dentures.

Cosmetic Dentistry:
Bleaching, bondings, veneers, all porcelain crowns.  Here at Dr. Sanderfords office every aspect of our Dentistry is cosmetic.  Because if you don't look good We don't look good!

We are a family practice and welcome your children.  Dr. Sanderford recommends your child's 1st dental visit at age 2.

Dental Hygiene:
Our warm and friendly dental hygiene staff are dedicated to providing you with up to date oral health care, utilizing our highest professional knowledge, judgment and ability.  Our dental hygiene staff are college graduates, who have graduated with honors and are licensed by the state of Florida.  The dental hygiene staff strives to promote the prevention of periodontal disease and encourages and teaches our patients to have the best oral hygiene they can possibly achieve.  Our staff will always be happy to answer any questions or help with individual needs of our patients.

Following your visit to Dr. Sanderford, keep up your good oral habits by:

  1. Flossing every day and replacing your toothbrush about every 3 months.  Choose a toothbrush with soft nylon bristles, and a toothpaste with fluoride.  If you can't brush after every meal, munch on an apple or some carrot sticks, or even a stick of sugarless gum.  Be aware that smoking, drinking coffee, tea and red wine and eating certain fruits can stain your teeth.
  2. Keep up regular visits to Dr. Sanderford.  Make sure that you mark your next appointment on your calendar now.


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